About Little Chefs Lab


At Little Chefs Lab, it is our mission to help children use food as a lens to look at and explore science, technology, engineering, and math.

Our classes:

  • Encourage kids (ages 4-13) to explore science while having fun in the kitchen
  • Investigate how the magic of science transforms food
  • Help kids to learn about ingredients and cook healthy dishes

Cooking food utilizes various principles of mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics, mixed together to create endless variations of flavor, aroma, texture, and art! Little Chefs Lab is a place where children can learn about these scientific principles, apply them in the food lab, and have fun with ingredients! Your Little Chefs will become aspiring curious scientists via the medium of food through fun, interactive science and cooking classes.

About the Founder

To continue pursuing my passion for food, I graduated as a certified Chef from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. I then went on to combine my passions for food and science at an internship at the Alicia Foundation in Barcelona (Spain), where I learned about technological innovations in cuisine and improving eating habits.

I am a mom of a 7-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl who both love being my helpers in the kitchen and ask many questions as we cook together! I find spending time with my kids and answering their questions is an amazing learning opportunity for me in many ways as well. This is what I envision for Little Chefs Lab to do as well: “Feed Kids’ Curiosity” – as this is the place for any child who has ever wondered “Why?”

Hi! I’m Geeti Gangal, a scientist, a chef, a mom, and founder of Little Chefs Lab. After graduating with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, I spent many years working as a scientist at institutes like University of Alberta, MIT, Harvard, and Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

I grew up in India, a place where food is a culture as well as a tradition. My passion for food and cooking stems from my mother’s kitchen where I grew up eating seasonal vegetables and fruits and tasting a variety of flavors and cuisines on a regular basis. As a child, I always looked at food as a science experiment with lots of information embedded everywhere, even with a simple task like boiling water.


“Little Chef’s Lab is a one-of-a-kind, innovative program perfect for blooming scientists and chefs.  My daughter had an amazing time each day learning about the science involved in cooking – as well as making delicious, healthy food.”
Allison W.

“Both of my kids have continued to talk about the amazing time at the cooking classes. My younger son has new confidence around trying food and his ability to make things. Such a positive experience!”

Jennifer R.

“Emma was sooo excited about the pies she made at class! She was so happy and had so much fun! And they are gorgeous too!”

Laura S.

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